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Route 6x6 Discussion Board * Restoration of older ATV's  

Welcome to Restoration. You may enter any of the discussions above by clicking on the appropriate link. Or, to start a new discussion of your own, click on the "Create New Conversation" button.

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ArgoMissouri's Max Deale129 05-21-08  07:45 pm
Bazoo 6x6Terrence Ushko18 04-22-08  01:00 am
Scrambler right turn problemmike abbey22 11-01-05  05:34 pm
AmphibcatChris Fetner100 07-26-07  11:46 pm
What is the right engine?Kevin Percy 40 11-07-05  09:41 am
Repairing Plastic ATV bodiesJerry R. Nuss, Max D55 12-22-05  08:35 pm
Terra Tiger or Mckee Rough Riderrobert bailey 12 08-06-05  12:43 pm
Number of ATV's maderoadwolf10 02-23-05  10:44 pm
Attex ST/295 02-20-06  08:40 pm
AttexMark Cartwright120 11-22-07  04:48 pm
Hustler repairsDerek Hubbard35 11-27-06  09:27 pm
Just Got: '71 Sierra Trail Bossrowland02-23-05  10:44 pm
Sierralarry10 02-23-05  10:44 pm
PLAY-CAT Does anyone know anything about this tracked A.T.V.?.steve bob 17 08-09-05  09:29 pm
Attex Restorationsteve chunn57 02-18-07  04:23 pm
Chain tension?George M02-23-05  10:43 pm
How do you remove wheel flangessteve chunn13 11-29-06  09:54 pm
Is there any chaparral owners out there!!Richard Clark28 08-22-07  11:18 am
Exauhst problemErnie Savinsky02-23-05  10:43 pm
ALSPORT TRI-SPORT restoration specs needed pleaseRob Brady25 08-26-08  03:46 pm
I need help with my new purchase!Joel Haslett02-23-05  10:43 pm
Clutch needed!Gary Harper02-23-05  10:43 pm
Parts info and general info for sur trekBig Bob Hall02-23-05  10:44 pm
Belt for ArgoGord Young02-23-05  10:43 pm
Info on Special Products Division "Wedge" 6x6Kevin Franken01-31-06  10:25 am
Ever hear of a Brute Cycle?Mark Determan16 11-16-07  04:04 pm
16 x 15 x 6" Tires ?Kevin Percy02-23-05  10:44 pm
Passe Par Toutgarry kakoske52 03-31-06  01:01 pm
Tracks on an Attexkevinv02-23-05  10:43 pm
Bombardier MS67 manual wantedTim Wafer02-23-05  10:43 pm
Terra Jet/info/ help needed....Brian Evans02-23-05  10:43 pm
295 wild wolf attex restorationpete6x610 02-23-05  10:44 pm
Engine conversion on old MAX 340TT. Martin02-23-05  10:43 pm
Can anybody tell me any info on the army mulesDave Evans04-03-08  11:58 am
Restoring a AmphicatPhilip Croff08-28-05  10:26 am
Hustler 930 restorationVictor02-23-05  10:43 pm
Magna Corporation Basket Caseroadwolf02-23-05  10:43 pm
Tucker Sno-CatAnonymous12 03-13-05  09:54 pm
Attex Starter NeededKile Parent02-23-05  10:43 pm
Passe Partout (sp?) Literature on Ebay!Jeff Schuster02-23-05  10:43 pm
1500.00 Max IV is a 91, good buy?E L McKenney02-23-05  10:43 pm
Do aatv's and atv's come with titles?Scott Pearcy02-23-05  10:43 pm
Bought 91 Max IV, a couple maintenance questionsHarry Dusseau02-23-05  10:43 pm
TERRA TIGERJerry Nuss - Illinoi18 03-12-08  06:57 pm
Attex electrical questionroadwolf 26 04-09-05  02:21 pm
Need info on Big Max L.A. Philip Osborn06-03-08  08:44 pm
SPD Wedge Help Needed Please!mike abbey 49 08-17-05  09:57 am
Wedge Pictures!Jeff Schuster Froggy02-23-05  10:43 pm
Attex hood latchBruce02-23-05  10:43 pm
Attex temp gauges and CootsMarc Stobinski02-23-05  10:43 pm
ALSPORT TRI-SPORT RTS 340 STREET LEGAL 3-wheelerRalf Morgan08-09-08  03:51 pm
Jiger or JiggerT Edwards02-23-05  10:43 pm
Scrambler model 5000 4x4 aatv 02-12-06  08:25 pm
Help with engine for my Terra TigerPhilip Croff11-03-05  03:06 pm
Ac tt-10 does anybody know anything about themcory loughman02-23-05  10:43 pm
Muscateer TransmissionPete A03-26-06  09:27 am
McMormacks snow eagleBasil Markham02-23-05  10:42 pm
Transmission fluid for Amphicatdavid berger02-23-05  10:43 pm
Sachs 280Sam Keys02-23-05  10:42 pm
Can anyone give any comments on the kid atv?liflod02-23-05  10:42 pm
SPD Wedge PartsJeff02-23-05  10:43 pm
1963 Vigor ?Kevin Percy02-23-05  10:43 pm
Attex 295 and Carl HealdRichard Clark11 08-20-07  05:25 pm
Anybody ever heard of the hilla-go-hikeatv 03-26-05  04:34 pm
ATTEX pricesliflod12 02-23-05  10:43 pm
Restoring a penguin, built in canada in the 1960'sAdrian Rowlands 02-25-06  01:51 pm
I need a 12 to18hp engine if anyone has a spairChristopher Csonka10 02-23-05  10:42 pm
Stripping PaintEric Schultz18 02-23-05  10:42 pm
Skid Plates For a MAX 1982 Modelmatt43502-23-05  10:43 pm
Takin the lid off !!!!George P. Dorris, IV02-23-05  10:45 pm
Scrambler restorationlarry wielinski10 12-31-07  04:26 am
Argo secondary clutchdavid a yoder02-23-05  10:43 pm
Terra Tiger TransmissionJohn Kevin Maiolo10 02-23-05  10:43 pm
Amphicat body workGeorge P. Dorris, IV02-23-05  10:43 pm
I NEED CARBORATOR KIT FOR SIERRA TRAIL BOSS????????eric moeller04-08-05  12:26 am
Sperry Rand TricartDon Kinyon12 06-23-08  12:57 pm
Powder coatingGreg miller02-23-05  10:43 pm
Anyone herd of and 8whl skid steer with a Perkins dieselKID02-23-05  10:43 pm
Looking for information on the Polaris swamp buggyLee Bowers02-23-05  10:43 pm
Vertec Vamoose made in vermilion albertaColin Ross 09-27-05  06:50 pm
Sidewinder 6x6,any info?keith bergh02-23-05  10:43 pm
Scat aatv 01-01-06  03:29 pm
Stalker 6 wheeler by Ski Tow Mfg. Co.Alton D. Jenkins02-23-05  10:43 pm
NEED HELP WITH ENGINE SWAP FROM 2 STROKE TO 4 STROKERonnie Schubach02-23-05  10:43 pm
Scrambler Restoration - Parts, etc.chrony_42002-23-05  10:43 pm
Frame up rebuild of an older MAX II - Suggestions and Tips?david berger12 02-23-05  10:43 pm
Looking to replace drive chainsJohn Kevin Maiolo02-23-05  10:43 pm
PENGUINS HOW MANY LEFTmryan9902-23-05  10:43 pm
KID by LTVWendy L. Bowers03-15-08  04:25 am
Attex axles questiondavid berger07-24-05  09:50 am
Jigger'sandy newman02-23-05  10:43 pm
BazooDominic Gallagher02-23-05  10:43 pm
Restoring a SkipperKevin Houle10 03-12-08  01:06 pm
Roll Bar attachmentFred Sowerwine, Mont02-23-05  10:43 pm
Ridge Runner TracksTim Wafer12 02-23-05  10:43 pm
Coot 'n crazyBubba junior Harper 03-12-06  03:45 am
Mikuni carburetorsPhilip Croff11 06-07-06  07:01 pm
Argo Anticsdaveyoder02-23-05  10:43 pm
New owner of two old 6x6 attex and terra tigersteve02-23-05  10:43 pm
Hustler ChainsSam Robertson02-23-05  10:44 pm
Electrical spark in vehiculeNicolas02-23-05  10:44 pm
Any argo and scramblersowners out theredaveyoder02-23-05  10:44 pm
MAX II engine swap change of plans - Comments?Bill Davis02-23-05  10:44 pm
Starcraft 6x6matt43502-23-05  10:44 pm
Troubleshooting Skid-Steer Transmissionmike abbey16 09-14-05  09:03 am
Engine swap in an attex 300skinny6x613 02-23-05  10:44 pm
Can you identify this ATV.FireViper02-23-05  10:44 pm
Anyone know anything about lockley 295liflod07-06-07  07:35 am
Is it only necessary to change carbs on the Max engines for more ho...Scott Philipps02-23-05  10:44 pm
Which is the correct carb?pete6x602-23-05  10:44 pm
ATTEX problemschris redel16 02-23-05  10:44 pm
Fluid capicity of a t-20 transnap02-23-05  10:44 pm
Reproduction balloon tiresTerrence Edwards10 02-13-06  08:29 pm
What can I expect to pay for a basket caseTed Posobiec02-23-05  10:44 pm
Eagle atv/amphibGeorge Stuckman 11-15-05  05:23 pm
Terra Tiger Help Needed!sahsj@aol.com15 02-23-05  10:44 pm
Need a copy of 1980TB Argo Owners Manual (PLEASE HELP)pgjeepster06-29-07  12:41 am
Need wiring diagram for CCW engine KEC 440/21Damen T.Hill02-23-05  10:44 pm
ARGO Super SportDamen T.Hill29 02-23-05  10:44 pm
Rebuilding of an 1972 Muscateerargogeru02-23-05  10:44 pm
Hustler 4 place, just bought it, runs but needs work!John Lemoine02-23-05  10:44 pm
The lockley 295 has been solddaveyoder02-23-05  10:44 pm
Looking for a top, roll bar, and wind sheild for a max IIjunkyarddawg8002-23-05  10:44 pm
1980 TB Argo Transmission Problems--Please help!!!norm howard13 02-23-05  10:44 pm
What snow moble did the satch engine come outBruce02-23-05  10:44 pm
Jiger (jigger) manual and mufflerMatt S 08-05-05  10:33 pm
Jigger ----serial # or manufacturing dateWayne Edel09-18-05  11:52 am
Salsbury to Comet clutch changeovercobra02-23-05  10:44 pm
Swamp foxFred Sowerwine, Mont02-23-05  10:44 pm
I'm an amphicat owner ! ...roadwolf02-23-05  10:44 pm
2 cycle 440 kawasaki to 4 cycle conversion need motordaveyoder02-23-05  10:44 pm
It's on the side of itdavid berger02-23-05  10:44 pm
Boom ! I was an Amphicat ownerRed Wolf02-23-05  10:44 pm
Goanna Tire ?john02-23-05  10:44 pm
Need 14 to 18 hp b&s motor for max can any body helpMidwest atv's #1 sin02-23-05  10:44 pm
It's not a tera-jetBob & Staci10 02-23-05  10:44 pm
Terra Tiger Manual availableBarry02-23-05  10:44 pm
COOT TRANSMISSION PARTSBill Knowles02-23-05  10:44 pm
A old scrambler found 1000 what year is itbryan b02-23-05  10:44 pm
A tranny for 71 scramblerdaveyoder02-23-05  10:44 pm
ATV engine swap?skeeterman 04-30-06  11:06 am
Repowering Amphicat with a 4-stroke, need advice please.Philip Croff10 11-06-05  01:03 pm
Terra tigerJohn Kevin Maiolo02-23-05  10:44 pm
Hustler axlesCliff Barrington02-23-05  10:44 pm
Attex ST/295 partsdavid berger02-23-05  10:44 pm
Mikuni vm carb partsoldnatva02-23-05  10:44 pm
TERRA TIGER HELPsteve02-23-05  10:44 pm
Looking for Amphicat owners...TJ02-23-05  10:44 pm
Repair manual for older max 2Matt02-23-05  10:44 pm
Max HDPE Body Cracked/repairsFred Sowerwine, Mont02-23-05  10:44 pm
SkipperJoshua McCastle06-26-06  05:19 pm
Sears sportsterjs 04-19-05  05:13 pm
Chaparral Hustler model G50Bg robison 04-13-05  12:25 pm
Scrambler questionsMarc Stobinski02-23-05  10:44 pm
ARGO TRANSMISSIONAdrian Rowlands20 02-07-07  04:03 pm
Alsport tri-sportsjocko02-23-05  10:44 pm
Wanted a odg amphicat trans please helpdaveyoder02-23-05  10:44 pm
Electric start on jloKevin Percy02-23-05  10:44 pm
WHAT IS A CHAPARRAL 6X6 WORTH?????matt43502-23-05  10:44 pm
Information about CYCLOP ATV`s from Movie Silent Running need!Michael Abraham02-23-05  10:44 pm
SAM-I ZX-75R 6x6 info neededDamen T.Hill02-23-05  10:45 pm
Wiring color code for charging system on 1970 ? kohler engine.david berger02-23-05  10:45 pm
Engine dies when lights are turned on my SieraGurk02-23-05  10:45 pm
No fire to the plugscrambler7102-23-05  10:45 pm
Amphi-cat informationSteve Regimbald16 06-26-07  06:17 pm
Amphi-cat axel's snap ?argonaut II02-23-05  10:45 pm
Check out this Amphi-cat for salescrambler7102-23-05  10:45 pm
Help with Terra Tiger overhaul 04-24-06  12:36 pm
I need a newer engine for my argoKenneth Schroeder10 08-29-08  08:15 am
Looking for 2 scrambler name platesscrambler7102-23-05  10:45 pm
Scrambler trannyscrambler7102-23-05  10:45 pm
2 Stroke to 4 Stroke engine conversion. Benefits? Disadvantages?Eugene Kochnieff02-23-05  10:45 pm
Carb Questionliflod02-23-05  10:45 pm
Looking for 4 bolts hub and flanges setup from later scramblersplea...scrambler7102-23-05  10:45 pm
Will argo 6 wheel tracks fit max 6 wheeler ?John Bushinski02-23-05  10:45 pm
Making a mold fromscrambler 1100 backseatscrambler7102-23-05  10:45 pm
I NEED DRIVE BELTS FOR A JIGGERroadwolf02-23-05  10:42 pm
Inside seal for amphicatgpd402-23-05  10:44 pm
Six Wheeling AgainRickMoMoBigfoot02-23-05  10:45 pm
PROPELLARSSteve Chansler83 11-14-07  07:42 pm
Amphicatdavid berger02-23-05  10:45 pm
Terra tiger steering clutches I.DJohn Kevin Maiolo02-23-05  10:45 pm
Older Max 2 Restorationdavid berger02-23-05  10:45 pm
Restoring Plastic bodysCharlie Pike 02-26-05  02:27 am
ATTEX wiring diagramSteve02-23-05  10:45 pm
Still wanted a b7 amphicat odg tran please helpscrambler7102-23-05  10:45 pm
Chaparral 500 engineg robison 04-13-05  12:10 pm
Hustler 6x5david berger06-12-06  10:58 am
Attex st/300 looking for drive beltHoward02-23-05  10:45 pm
Need part number for JLO 400cc starterschunn02-23-05  10:45 pm
Answering a few of my own questionsargonaut II02-23-05  10:45 pm
Terra Tiger AxlesMike02-23-05  10:45 pm
Headlights and Wiringliflod16 02-23-05  10:45 pm
Torque Converters And beltsTed Posobiec02-23-05  10:45 pm
Wherecan i find carisle chevron tires please helpSam Keys02-23-05  10:45 pm
Whats it worthGaryb02-23-05  10:45 pm
It just followed me home one dayschunn02-23-05  10:45 pm
Terra Tiger Decals?Jerry Nuss - Illinoi09-12-07  12:26 am
REB infomike sutherland02-23-05  10:45 pm
Yet anouther fun filled action packed question on AmphicatJohn Kevin Maiolo02-23-05  10:45 pm
Bad day and marshmellows .Missouri's Max Deale15 02-23-05  10:42 pm
197? max IIliflod02-23-05  10:42 pm
Just got a new old argo!!!Damen T.Hill12 02-23-05  10:45 pm
Looking for Terra Tiger Parts.Mike02-23-05  10:45 pm
Looking for 6x6 in Las Vegas or So. Californiadavid ryst02-23-05  10:45 pm
ARGO ENGINE CONVERSIONDamen T.Hill02-23-05  10:45 pm
Terra Tiger Wiring Help Neededdavid berger02-23-05  10:45 pm
Strange argo?liflod02-23-05  10:45 pm
Need a Wiring Diagram For an Older MAXdavid berger02-23-05  10:45 pm
Some info needed on ChapperalD.avid10 02-23-05  10:45 pm
?? LOST NEED HELP WITH AMPHIBIANżżdavid ryst02-23-05  10:45 pm
SPD Tricart infoT Edwards02-23-05  10:45 pm
PlaycatDarren Baker02-23-05  10:45 pm
Piant codes for a scrambler 1100 please helpdaveyoder02-23-05  10:45 pm
New to site with Scrambler to restore ???roadwolf02-23-05  10:45 pm
MAX IV CHAIN REPLACEMENTSean Ridlon17 09-03-08  02:32 am
Please tell me what atv I boughtdaveyoder02-23-05  10:45 pm
1970? KADOORich Headington02-23-05  10:45 pm
Terra Tiger help!Mike02-23-05  10:45 pm
Jiger Info WantedWayne Edel02-23-05  10:45 pm
Scrambler restorationMatt braley02-23-05  10:45 pm
OUT WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE NEWoldnatva02-23-05  10:45 pm
Value of an AATV ( 1969 Kid) ?Erik Willbanks02-23-05  10:45 pm
Need help for Amphicatgpd402-23-05  10:45 pm
Rangemasterbudman02-23-05  10:45 pm
Playcat twinsKevin Percy02-23-05  10:45 pm
Terra Jet for projectdarren baker02-23-05  10:45 pm
Terra jet owners in British Colombia CanadaBcrod02-23-05  10:45 pm
Can anyone identify this transmission?newbie in NH02-23-05  10:45 pm
Struck Mini-SkatJim02-23-05  10:45 pm
Terra tiger engine ?Jerry Bryant09-24-05  09:46 pm
Running 1970's Palycat for saledan02-23-05  10:45 pm
Pug articulating ATVFred Sowerwine, Mont02-23-05  10:45 pm
Attex pre 70Daron02-23-05  10:45 pm
Looking for Junked Max in need of Restorationchris redel02-23-05  10:45 pm
Catagator 8x8Teddy02-23-05  10:45 pm
Argo partsEddie Beddingfield02-23-05  10:45 pm
WANTED: kawasak 440 cc engine and old floatation tiresbarry heneyj10 02-23-05  10:45 pm
Hustler RestorationRandy Clark02-23-05  10:45 pm
Partsdan height02-23-05  10:45 pm
Pictures neededSteve M02-23-05  10:45 pm
Alsport tracker (snowmobile tracks) 04-30-06  07:21 pm
Information on atv made by Actionage Inc.david berger02-23-05  10:45 pm
Attex 252 Colt, to keep or not to keep that is the question!Jay02-23-05  10:45 pm
Amphicatsschuell02-23-05  10:45 pm
AMPHICAT OR COPYCAT (PEERLESS)Larry Wright02-04-06  11:01 pm
AATV with motorcycle enginebigkodiak02-23-05  10:45 pm
Belt swap on terra tigerclyde02-23-05  10:45 pm
Clutch life on terra tigerdavid berger02-23-05  10:45 pm
Amphicat 289 Sachs motor-spark problemsoggie6402-23-05  10:45 pm
1983 or 1984 3-jet made by terra jet 08-06-05  11:53 pm
Scrambler TracksMike02-23-05  10:45 pm
Searching for Playkat's inside track studsMichel Duplin02-23-05  10:45 pm
Amphicat spark problems cureddavid berger02-23-05  10:45 pm
I need wheels for a 68 Jiger.....single boltdavid berger02-23-05  10:45 pm
Trail boss..longneck12302-23-05  10:45 pm
Need Help ! Argo 2cyl Kohler wiring from engine ????mike stillwell02-23-05  10:45 pm
Jiger RestorationWayne Edel02-23-05  10:45 pm
87 max2 frame stylebarry heneyj02-23-05  10:45 pm
Argo 6x6 For Sale " Look's like New" First $1700mike02-23-05  10:45 pm
How hard is it to switch from JLO to Vanguard????Terry02-23-05  10:45 pm
Nice NEW 2 stroke engines for six wheelersAndrew Lapp02-23-05  10:45 pm
I need a rebuild on a Borg Warner T-20 transFred Sowerwine, Mont02-23-05  10:45 pm
Got a funky one here! Anyone ever hear of this 6x6?Jeff Schuster02-23-05  10:45 pm
What is an 1990 Argo 8x8 Worth?Motown's02-23-05  10:45 pm
PUG ATVliflod10 02-23-05  10:45 pm
McKee Bros, 6 wheelerSean McConnell09-08-05  08:44 pm
Hustler for sale on Ebay!Jim Hart02-23-05  10:45 pm
Sperry rand atvRobert S.02-23-05  10:45 pm
Serria trail boss for salembarker02-23-05  10:45 pm
Axles for a cat-a-gatorfred hunsdon02-23-05  10:45 pm
87 Max II fix it list - Help NeededJeff02-23-05  10:45 pm
Scramblermike root02-23-05  10:45 pm
1988 argo 6x6mecka123402-23-05  10:45 pm
Earl 80's Argo 6x6David Keeso02-23-05  10:45 pm
REB brakes badDon Hartjes02-23-05  10:45 pm
Prairie bobcatmike lafond 07-12-05  11:15 pm
MAX II, 16HP Tecumseh, engine sheet metal inforamtiondavid berger02-23-05  10:45 pm
Conversion of clutch belt drive to chainKevin Percy02-23-05  10:45 pm
STARTER FOR AMPHICATED02-23-05  10:45 pm
Need Jiger 197 clutch partsWayne Edel02-23-05  10:46 pm
STARCRAFT RESTORATIONmike abbey02-23-05  10:46 pm
Is this Argo or Catagator worth it? Need opinion asap please.David Keeso02-23-05  10:46 pm
Amphicat b7 trans.roadwolf02-23-05  10:46 pm
Chaparral air cleanerroadwolf02-23-05  10:46 pm
Wiring harnest for an 8x8roadwolf02-23-05  10:46 pm
"Coot" ATV photos pleaseLouisiana mudbug02-23-05  10:46 pm
87 Max 2 troublesdavid berger02-23-05  10:46 pm
3 wheeled terra-jetDion Inkpen02-23-05  10:46 pm
Need photo of 1976 Hustler carb air cleanerJames Funderburg02-23-05  10:46 pm
Olde Rangemasterbudman01-13-05  05:16 pm
Found this allis-chalmers 6x6, need help/adviceMike01-15-05  06:15 pm
Are terra tigers required to be liscenced for offroad use?Ryan Boley01-17-05  11:57 pm
JLO L252L terra tiger engineMike01-18-05  08:12 pm
Decals for Terra Tigerd21puller02-17-05  02:40 am
Which pull starter fits my Jlo L252L ????ryan02-22-05  07:02 pm
Which recoil fits my JLO L252L ???ryan02-22-05  06:58 pm
Which pull starter fits my jlo L252L ??ryan02-22-05  06:52 pm
Which pull starter fits my jlo L252L ??Ryan Boley02-22-05  06:50 pm
What kind of ATV is this:Mike 02-27-05  10:55 am
Max IV Engine SwapFred Sowerwine, Mont21 03-16-05  11:29 pm
Bazoo 6x6....any info???Terrence Ushko04-22-08  01:27 am
Attex Lil truck TransmissionDon Kinyon03-17-05  07:52 am
Amphicat IDLarry Wright03-29-05  05:14 pm
ODG, GREAT HELP, GREAT PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!Sean McConnell09-08-05  09:03 pm
Will L297 fit in terra tiger?ryan 04-17-05  02:44 pm
Amphicat restoreArgonaut II 11 02-03-06  08:18 am
4x4 gotcha scramblerjeremy 05-24-05  11:49 pm
Midwest bobcat atvAnonymous05-20-05  07:22 am
CALLING ALL SPD WEDGE OWNERS! 05-24-05  07:04 am
Max 2 Wiring Diagramroadwolf 06-07-05  01:27 am
Argo driven clutch stuck on shaftTate Jeffery06-09-05  09:37 pm
Help with pugAnonymous08-01-05  03:11 pm
Terra Tiger AxlesDaniel Rouge'06-15-05  02:37 pm
ANTARTIC HustlerGrant Ockleston06-20-05  05:18 pm
Bought an 82 or 83 Argo 8 Wheeler, need help restoringDerek Kries06-24-05  06:50 am
Attex restoration questionsLen 07-01-05  03:28 pm
If I buy a Max IV body and frame then what?Charlie Richmond07-15-05  01:57 pm
Found a few old 6x6s to restoreLarry Wright07-17-05  10:14 pm
How fix bent axle?david berger11-27-05  10:01 am
2stroke Fuel starvation problem?John Clayton10-02-05  03:39 pm
Engine Change for a 197? Max II???Mat Brooks09-05-05  03:29 pm
3 wheel mud buga parent 07-31-05  08:12 pm
Terra tiger partsRobert Bailey08-07-05  09:57 am
Need points and plugs gapdavid berger09-22-05  09:24 am
Page for registering our makes and serial #liflod08-19-05  09:41 am
Roughrider 6x6 QuestionMissouri's Max Deale09-03-05  12:00 am
Amphicat rebuild or part out???Eddie Beddingfield 09-13-05  07:36 am
JLO L295L/Tillotson HR 68A Carb Flooding no start helpJerry Bryant09-11-05  05:54 pm
New Terra Tiger Owner Needs HelpChris DeVoto09-19-05  11:12 pm
Prairie bobcat parts etcchris aulenback 10-13-05  09:46 pm
New to 6x6 AATV's.. need help with a MuscateerPete A03-27-06  01:21 am
Another mystery 6x6Argohunter09-24-05  11:01 pm
Flanges on a 85 Max IIDon Louchart09-29-05  09:21 am
Max 2 Axles movementsteve chunn10 03-10-06  11:05 pm
Attex Superchief Headlights And Taillightsdavid berger10-01-05  07:29 pm
Argo or Chapparrel ?Sean McConnell10-14-05  01:57 pm
AMPHICAT BODY MATERIAL??????philip w.cox10-21-05  08:54 pm
Belt alignmentGillman Clarke10-19-05  02:12 pm
Attex is back home!!Rhino10-24-05  09:02 pm
Anyone ever heard of this 6x6?Don Kinyon10-24-05  03:16 pm
AMPHICAT OWNERS UNITED KINGDOM??james webb10-23-05  11:51 am
Argo BatteryRogersmith10-27-05  12:07 pm
TriSport???Marc 07-04-06  05:42 am
1962 (?) four wheelerKevin Percy 11-07-05  05:12 pm
What the difference between 292 & 295Ryan Boley11-06-05  09:14 pm
Mount winch on back of argo SuperDave 11-08-05  09:04 pm
Tire tread mitchell hebert11-08-05  03:02 pm
Tire tread Missouri's Max Deale11-09-05  09:46 pm
Trail Boss Project/Engine RetrofitDean Durie11-16-05  10:07 am
Trail Boss Project/Engine RetrofitDean Durie11-09-05  08:49 am
Started to replace a broken Axle on Argo. Then!!...Sean McConnell10 11-20-05  04:54 pm
Wanted Sperry Rand Tricart .Walter Null11-29-05  05:29 pm
Painting Max IV top bodyBill Straub 01-09-06  02:05 pm
New guy here needing Max II helpKen Walter12-26-05  12:01 pm
Electric Fuel Pump IssueWilliam R. Cox12-28-05  10:13 pm
4x4 got'cha 02-11-06  06:06 pm
What do i have? 01-26-06  11:24 am
MAX II Wire Harness InformationCharlie Richmond01-29-06  12:16 pm
new muscateer ownerPete A03-29-06  05:22 am
Electric on argoDean Edwards02-01-07  12:12 am
Black trim on max IVWilliam R. Cox02-13-06  06:45 pm
21 inch tiresMike Maroni10 03-02-06  07:13 am
Axle question for the gurusJerry R. Nuss, Max D11 03-05-06  12:32 pm
Ideas for mounting a jack and gun racksMike Maroni03-14-06  03:35 pm
First big "oh crap"John Hunter03-17-06  11:27 am
How do i take off the control sticksJohn Hunter03-26-06  12:06 pm
Terra Tigerdavid berger03-28-06  04:11 pm
Any information on CrocodileMarc 03-30-06  08:11 am
Help IDWayne Edel04-07-08  10:57 am
Restorable Amphicat in MichiganMike Thomas04-07-06  09:15 am
Adapter to bolt new wheels on old balloon tire machineRichard Clark04-07-06  11:53 am
I think is is a rough rider????Ron Shrum22 05-29-06  10:34 pm
Trans belts for the CVTMarc Stobinski04-19-06  05:38 pm
I need help change fluid trans trail boss polaris atvMissouri's Max and A05-07-06  09:01 pm
Hub CapsMATT WALLIN06-08-06  03:01 pm
How can you repair splits in hull?david berger06-14-06  03:59 pm
1972 trail boss gear boxesdevypower 06-17-06  07:36 pm
1974 Argo AxleJoshua McCastle09-19-06  09:32 pm
SKIPPERJoshua McCastle09-19-06  10:42 pm
Rockwell JLO L230davide08-08-06  04:42 pm
Where can I get more information on a Ratcliffe 6x6Keith Snyder11-13-06  07:33 am
Looking for 6x6 projectAndrew Lapp08-13-06  03:38 pm
Alsport Trisport RTS SLJeremy Schwarz01-19-08  09:06 am
Trans-tec 24 wheel grizzlyjack hemby08-22-06  10:34 pm
Products we can use threadDave Coultish03-22-07  03:56 pm
Supersport Argo liflod13 09-25-06  10:40 pm
Argo manualJoshua McCastle10-08-06  11:42 am
Restoring RIMrussell01-03-07  01:08 pm
I need a Pugcharles Holwerk01-02-07  07:16 pm
Bought an Argo ConquestJerry R. Nuss, Max D01-29-07  09:22 pm
Removing Amphicat gas tanksteve chunn02-07-07  08:32 pm
Kohler 20hp V twinDave Coultish03-28-07  01:51 pm
Roughrider RestorationRay Kohls15 05-02-07  08:15 pm
Argo Starting ProblemKenneth Schroeder04-10-07  06:06 pm
New rimsEddie Chace04-08-07  10:23 am
Bat chargingR.J. roe04-06-07  02:05 pm
Clutch clearance problem.....isaac eisenman04-11-07  10:23 pm
Clutch clearance problem.....Mike Cummings04-12-07  10:08 am
My Hustler restore....primary clutch problem??Hudson Chadwick04-20-07  03:18 am
Got a Terra TigerGeorge Johrendt04-21-07  09:30 pm
Terra tiger engine tear downLance Sammer18 11-11-07  12:03 pm
Terra Tiger Main Shaft pin ?George Johrendt05-05-07  10:39 am
Best "sport" machine?Eddie L. Beddingfiel23 06-05-07  11:04 am
Drive beltSkip Saul13 06-12-07  11:27 am
Belt questionFred Sowerwine06-11-07  05:53 pm
Jiger spare parts trailBob Saunders07-23-07  03:54 pm
Max II gas tank...Jerry R. Nuss06-22-07  09:23 am
PlaycatPlayCat06-23-07  03:10 pm
Wedge ProjectTerrence Edwards06-28-07  11:02 pm
Are jol rockwell motors any good Richard Clark08-26-07  11:03 am
Scrambler Gotcha Steering ProblemMatt Tidwell07-18-07  09:11 pm
I found a 6x6 trail boss for sale but I need some info and opinionRichard Clark08-22-07  11:15 am
Hustler heated cable????HELPBrad Dunn08-29-07  12:49 pm
Atex axlesRichard Clark08-30-07  09:00 pm
AMF SUR TREK just boughtJeff bar12 04-03-08  03:35 pm
Please help to identify my 6x6 !!! L.A. Philip Osborn10-06-07  03:26 pm
Mini 6 WheelerRhino12-10-07  12:25 am
R.E.B.Jerry Nuss - Illinoi11-15-07  02:19 pm
Scrambler L.A. Philip Osborn12-02-07  08:17 am
RidgeRunnerPete Bormann01-31-08  06:48 pm
Wiring on older Max IIAlan Fettes12-22-07  05:25 pm
Playcat '72 repair helpRyan Singer01-18-08  06:54 pm
New amphicatRyan Singer01-25-08  06:05 pm
RidgerunnerRyan Singer01-31-08  09:19 am
Wedge project (finally back on it)Terrence Edwards02-08-08  10:20 pm
T20 Trans L.A. Philip Osborn02-10-08  10:32 am
Wedge chain size?Terrence Edwards02-14-08  04:49 pm
RidgeRunnerMatt Oxender03-01-08  09:42 pm
The KID 8-wheeler stuffWendy L. Bowers02-25-08  12:30 am
Terra Tiger belt widthGrant W03-05-08  10:20 pm
Terra tiger tire sizeJerry Nuss - Illinoi03-15-08  07:47 pm
1985 Argo ?Timothy M. Potter04-04-08  07:40 pm
Need Recoil assy for JLO L230Terrence Edwards04-16-08  11:18 am
Coot SnoopyScott Bagdan06-17-08  12:38 am
Argocats in the UK United Kingdom EnglandBen Brown06-18-08  05:32 pm
Passe par tout helpStephen von Housen06-22-08  10:16 am
Argocat replacement engine optionsBen Brown06-22-08  05:49 pm
I need a wiring diagram for a 1988 polaris trailboss 250cctony 07-05-08  08:54 pm
Where do I find replacement tracks for a PPT?Jim Wolcott07-26-08  02:23 am
Tires and tracksfletcher g lalande07-26-08  07:29 pm
A sad site for Argo restorers...Sean McConnell08-31-08  09:44 am
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