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Route 6x6 Discussion Board * My Favorite Machine: Talk about you favorite ATV and Why.  

Welcome to My Favorite Machine. For discussing your favorite ATV and Why. You may enter any of the discussions above by clicking on the appropriate link. Or, to start a new discussion of your own, click on the "Create New Conversation" button.

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ATTEX 500 Super Chiefdavid berger18 02-23-05  10:50 pm
Max Vs. Argo: The REAL Comparison!Brian in FABULOUS Ut414 03-19-06  03:12 pm
Triton Predator 8x8Nick Lightle36 08-17-10  12:05 am
A 4-wheeler vs. an 8 wheelerDENNIS TETLOCK99 12-02-05  10:23 pm
6x6 & 8x8 POTSHOT AREA ENTER AT OWN RISK !!!!! HEHERobert Waits02-23-05  10:50 pm
THIS IS FOR ( 6X6ers & 8x8ers ) TAKE YOUR BEST "POTSHOT" AT THE FO...Eddie L. Beddingfiel173 03-14-09  10:44 am
Tips on what to look at on a used Max II.Kyle L.Vogt02-23-05  10:50 pm
Max REAL factsPhil Herrold65 02-23-05  10:51 pm
HUSTLER VS. MAXalex wynn05-05-11  09:52 pm
ATTEX OWNERSelroyfrmn02-23-05  10:51 pm
Max and Argo owners challenge:Lets talk Tracksterstwincreektaz02-23-05  10:51 pm
Ok lets talk tracksters again.neil otto02-23-05  10:51 pm
2000 Max IV 900T reviewKyle L.Vogt02-23-05  10:51 pm
AATV MarketingJohn142 02-23-05  10:51 pm
CentaurPat Miller02-23-05  10:51 pm
Max 900T,2000 Model.Owners how do you like it?Robert Waits02-23-05  10:51 pm
New BigfootJohn Prince31 08-17-06  02:48 pm
Shopping for a max IIgary marmaro02-23-05  10:51 pm
HELP! Can't decide which Max to buy.argoguru02-23-05  10:51 pm
Aluminum 6x6norris ryder02-23-05  10:51 pm
I am going to purchase an Amphibious ATV soon for hunting {big and ...Bubba Hunt14 02-23-05  10:51 pm
Max compared ArgoChuck Castetter53 01-04-11  03:56 pm
Anybody have info on the hilla-go-hikemichael02-23-05  10:51 pm
Anyone have any info for a rough riderJoel Haslett02-23-05  10:51 pm
Any one have info on the AMF sur-tracmichael02-23-05  10:51 pm
The Coot where can I find oneLouisiana mudbug02-23-05  10:51 pm
Anybody have info on the Attex252coltmichael02-23-05  10:51 pm
Anybody have info on the attex thunderchiefcycleman02-23-05  10:51 pm
New 20hp Max IIroadwolf26 02-23-05  10:51 pm
Going to get a Max II 500-T... Rebate?Wolf02-23-05  10:51 pm
Argo Bigfoot QuestionsBrian Lowder02-23-05  10:50 pm
New Max 900TTroy Moore02-23-05  10:51 pm
Buying an Argo.daveyoder02-23-05  10:51 pm
Still Undecided??? Please Help Max IV or ConquestDouglas MacCullagh23 02-23-05  10:51 pm
MAX IV head to head with a CONQUEST???matthew smith27 02-23-05  10:51 pm
Need 6x6 projectwayne02-23-05  10:50 pm
Brand new Bigfootbugaboo02-23-05  10:51 pm
AATV pricesShawn Sterling21 02-27-09  03:40 pm
What to buy?David Keeso11 02-23-05  10:51 pm
Max at WorkHarry Dusseau02-23-05  10:51 pm
Best snow set upBrad Morcom52 02-24-07  07:09 am
Dunno if this is a repost..Did any one see the beastie boy's "alive...ratvespa02-23-05  10:50 pm
I am buying a new ATV MAX or ARGODouglas MacCullagh02-23-05  10:50 pm
Before Purchase Cold Feet...davidb3rd@aol.com10 02-23-05  10:50 pm
New powertracDave Blackburn02-23-05  10:50 pm
MAX where it all begins!Harry Dusseau02-23-05  10:50 pm
Neat Max experienceJerry R. Nuss, Max D15 09-12-06  07:08 pm
Max II or IV? I can't decide!jslagel03-24-05  08:30 pm
Is 16 hp enough for me in a Max II?Donald R. Hinkle11 02-23-05  10:50 pm
It had to happen eventually, Max Buffalo Vs. John Deer GatorHoward Hoover37 05-24-06  10:24 pm
Anybody know Anything bout Sears Sportster??Brandon Sturgill02-23-05  10:50 pm
Argo Magnum SpecsNeil Neiwert02-23-05  10:50 pm
2002 ArgosRoger Smith48 02-23-05  10:50 pm
New Max IImatt43510 02-23-05  10:50 pm
New 6x6 conquest rolling off the production linesphilip w.cox18 09-20-06  07:20 pm
Land tamer supa catWorkhorse07-15-09  06:13 pm
Who builds the Hyd driven 6x6 Amphibious Machinesfred sain02-23-05  10:50 pm
NEW SIX WHEELER GAME FOR X- BOXmike tufano02-23-05  10:50 pm
16 HP Tecumseh Single cylinderDavid Keeso02-23-05  10:50 pm
Finance a new purchase?argogeru02-23-05  10:50 pm
Bigfoot tractormatt43502-23-05  10:50 pm
Should I buy an Argo?George"Bubba"Hunt48 03-14-06  03:08 pm
Max Improvments/Changes over the last 7 yearsDavid Seidel02-23-05  10:51 pm
What ya gona do when the tracked bigfoot comes for you?lw191130 08-11-17  11:49 pm
Max IV in salt waterRussell Lee02-23-05  10:51 pm
Any info on these atv'sfred02-23-05  10:51 pm
Hydro Traxx VS. ArgoCOOT2, Inc22 05-04-10  09:54 pm
Best ARGO model ever madeBen Lane12 02-28-07  05:10 pm
Light Assault Vehicleshane forsythe11 02-23-05  10:51 pm
ARGO Big Foot Vs ARGO ConquestRoger S Smith02-23-05  10:51 pm
Using a plowSTEVE Y.35 02-21-07  01:06 pm
Polaris Ranger versus Max versus ArgoOliver02-23-05  10:51 pm
Good Day of RidingDave Beeman02-23-05  10:51 pm
Terra Jet 4x4 Vs Argo/Max 6x6Brian Evans02-23-05  10:51 pm
Is the demise of modern 6 wheeling upon us?funtothemax71 02-23-05  10:51 pm
Argo Made a 3 Wheeler Aka Trikeargosru02-23-05  10:51 pm
Which Argo 8x8 to Purchase???fred sain32 02-26-05  08:07 am
NEW BUFFALO WITH ELECTRIC DUMP BEDargogeru02-23-05  10:52 pm
Argo vs HondaDave Johnston14 02-23-05  10:51 pm
Looking for a used aatvDave Evans15 10-01-08  11:53 am
HELP Design and improve the Max product line.Dennis F. Saskowski03-13-06  07:13 pm
Imput on hydratraxxmike martindale12 04-28-05  12:05 am
Argo 6x6 Posi drive unitLarry A. Wood02-23-05  10:52 pm
Need your thoughts on centaur machineMark Muranyi02-23-05  10:52 pm
Hustler 16 hp kohler K341QStailwind02-23-05  10:52 pm
Urgent Hydro Traxx Questionsuzi2100c02-23-05  10:52 pm
Bigfoot owners beware!mike martindale13 02-23-05  10:52 pm
HELP ON HYDRO TRAXX NEEDEDthomasmckim02-23-05  10:52 pm
Replacement track guides for the 8 X 8 Kid machines?Bruce02-23-05  10:52 pm
Love my argoroadwolf02-23-05  10:52 pm
Extreme Machine 2000 New Amphib coming outshane forsythe156 02-23-05  10:52 pm
New argo priceDave Keeso07-04-06  02:58 am
Argo Owners:any mechanical downsides to the argo?Keith Mott16 05-28-11  09:29 am
Need info about 1999 MAX 4Timothy Schotanus01-23-11  12:26 pm
Ground PSI of AATV with tracksFred Sowerwine, Mont02-23-05  10:52 pm
Riding with a Polaris Rangermike martindale02-23-05  10:52 pm
Argo - design changes that matter?Damen T.Hill18 02-23-05  10:52 pm
I want to buy a MAX II know of any good dealersMidwest atv's #1 sin02-23-05  10:52 pm
Extreme Machine 2000Barry Williams12 02-23-05  10:52 pm
Argo or Max machine which is bestPontus24 02-23-05  10:52 pm
Coot comparisonBud02-23-05  10:52 pm
Argo 8x8 Avengerphilip w.cox223 08-30-07  02:46 pm
Power-Track Hunt Vee HV 625fred02-23-05  10:52 pm
CHECK OUT MAX IV ON EBAY #2468637533ADAM WATKINS02-23-05  10:52 pm
The best MAX/Argo reviews are in KoreanDon Abernathey02-23-05  10:52 pm
Newbe max ownerm olszewski02-23-05  10:52 pm
Can't decide : Argo 6 wheeler or an 8 for waterphilip w.cox03-24-06  11:42 pm
Oil filter for the Desel Gatordavid berger02-23-05  10:52 pm
What was that?lcater02-23-05  10:52 pm
Pick the right machine for safety!Motown's02-23-05  10:52 pm
Max really that good in snow?mark89 02-23-05  10:52 pm
Check out some Max pictures!Bill cripe02-23-05  10:52 pm
THE BEAST IS RUNNINGGreg Lawrence02-23-05  10:52 pm
Need a pic of the rollbar brackets for max 2 so I can fabMarc Hanses02-23-05  10:52 pm
Hoot atvmr. tinker02-23-05  10:52 pm
Hoot atvBud08-15-06  01:27 pm
Prairie bobcatMIKE LEWIS04-05-06  01:17 am
Recreatives Industries (MAX) has an improved websitelw191121 08-04-17  09:32 pm
Am I paying too much for this maxII ?Tim Dunne14 02-23-05  10:52 pm
Av-4 amphibious machineLouisiana mudbug02-23-05  10:53 pm
Are there any Argo dealers in Texas?David Blyhe01-27-05  12:53 am
What are the current MSRP's on the Max and Argo?brockdb01-27-05  12:51 am
What are the current MSRP's on the Max and Argo?David Blythe01-27-05  12:01 pm
Anybody have a Raptor Terraplane?Tim Powell01-29-05  07:48 pm
2005 Argo ConquestEd02-09-05  10:56 pm
2005 Max IV 950T (an owner's viewpoint)Barak02-16-05  11:28 pm
Fuel Tank Under Steering - ATVDavid Keeso02-21-05  11:26 pm
Attex bodyAndrew Lapp16 06-12-10  08:37 pm
Which is more stable in the water: Argo or Max IV?SuperDave12-24-05  03:39 am
Who here duck hunts out of an Argo or Max? General AATV Duck huntin...terry harrison26 03-13-05  11:47 am
Pics. of my new Argophilip w.cox33 10-31-07  08:42 pm
Argo or MaxBob Shelver55 02-27-06  09:55 am
My Neon Max IV DreamBarak04-09-05  12:18 am
Terra Jet?Chris Brown04-14-05  06:16 pm
Chaparral flyerTerry05-26-05  03:57 pm
ChaparralTerry05-24-05  08:32 am
Looking for Argo Avenger ownersAnonymous25 06-09-05  04:13 am
Coming Over From the Dark SideSteve Ratey05-26-05  09:30 am
Chaparral 6x6Terry05-29-05  02:41 pm
Argo Limofred sain06-13-05  11:43 am
Updates and improvements on 2005 MaxsMissouri's Max Deale14 10-12-05  05:09 pm
Hello Alldavid berger06-22-05  10:11 am
Supacat OffRoad Photossteve green06-24-05  04:03 pm
6x6 in Rescue Service ?Midwest atv's #1 sin07-22-05  11:24 pm
Chaparral 6x6Terry08-16-05  05:17 pm
97 vangard II, response 8x8 or Max IV w/ 20HP Kohler..which do you ...fred sain arkansas a11 08-25-05  10:54 am
Can a 97' Max IV be upgraded to current style?jim stefanowicz09-17-05  01:35 am
Where buy model/toy 8x8s?Philip Croff10-05-05  11:05 am
MarshmasterPhilip Croff10-04-05  10:29 pm
Which Max IVAnonymous10-05-05  08:15 am
Hard TopsJerry R. Nuss10-19-05  09:21 pm
Gotchamichael c11-16-05  10:30 pm
Hi from Russia! Please help!Dave Keeso10-20-05  12:41 am
Saw an Argo on TV Newsdavid berger10-19-05  09:42 am
Playkat at workMichel Duplin10-19-05  09:44 pm
AV-4 ATVArgohunter46 12-29-09  11:09 am
Which is better on hills - Argo or Max?Timothy Schotanus35 01-24-10  07:11 am
Hard top for Argo 8x8 11-08-05  12:18 am
I GOT IT!!!!!!Ken Strahl11 04-26-06  12:53 pm
Buffalo TruckFred Sowerwine, Mont11-25-05  03:45 pm
Try This On A 4 WheelerArgohunter12-11-05  01:59 pm
Trying to decide; is the 8x8 the way to go or a Max or Bigfoot?Bayrat23 01-04-06  10:40 pm
Havel Buggy Spyder 6x6Bayrat01-04-06  10:31 pm
Farm workBayrat40 04-19-06  09:34 pm
Huntin and wood haulinswamprat05-02-06  01:41 pm
24 wheel grizzlyjack hemby01-31-06  08:34 pm
Swamp fox good or bad?Bobby D02-11-06  02:18 pm
Argo Avenger Compared to CentaurSuperDave04-12-06  08:41 pm
6x6 or 8x8 with tracks uphill in deep snowphilip w.cox10 04-24-06  12:29 pm
Moving to MontanaFred Sowerwine, Mont04-10-06  11:27 pm
Maxing at CarnegieJerry R. Nuss, Max D04-13-06  08:28 am
ARGO DECALSTom Phillips04-26-06  06:16 pm
Cat-a-gatorJim Hornell06-12-06  02:27 am
New maxphilip w.cox07-10-06  08:50 pm
Shopping new 6x6 or 8x8John Prince40 08-27-06  06:36 pm
Disabled ridersJohn Prince16 09-04-06  05:07 pm
The New 2007 Argo Frontier 6x6 is Here!John Prince53 09-28-06  05:27 pm
Sell it usedJohn Prince09-29-06  10:27 am
Frontier report cardBrandon_price134 09-03-07  02:13 pm
The for real MaxIV and Argo Conquest comparisonBrad Dunn43 09-05-07  05:24 pm
And the best snow machine is...!!!Bud23 12-04-06  01:15 pm
Frontier and Max IV: Side-by-Sidephilip w.cox48 03-09-07  12:03 pm
2007 Argo Avenger EFI questionBrandon_price03-20-07  03:45 pm
Bigfood VS Frontier??Derek Hubbard22 01-07-07  12:05 pm
Christmas goodies on frontierSTEVE Y.12 01-10-07  07:22 am
ARGO vs. MAXMissouri's Max and A13 02-04-07  06:51 pm
AATV Purchase AdviceJerry R. Nuss, Max D28 01-16-07  03:06 pm
Photo contestDon Kinyon11 01-26-07  09:31 pm
The Marsh MasterBud02-23-07  09:32 am
John Prince where are you?Mike Maroni02-26-07  05:00 pm
New Frontier ordered today!!Steve Auger05-11-07  01:01 pm
Hydro traxx info neededAllen T. Sloan Jr.07-28-18  01:23 pm
TestHoward Hoover06-24-07  06:54 am
My Favourite Machinephilip w.cox40 08-09-07  09:24 pm
Frontier 8x8STEVE07-31-07  11:55 am
Argo's in Northern BC (Vids)Rock Doctor08-20-07  03:12 pm
Argo 8x8philip w.cox09-28-07  11:27 pm
Best place to buy a new ARGOEddie L. Beddingfiel21 09-09-07  10:10 am
What machine is this?Jeff bar09-02-07  08:38 pm
Argo or Maxjamie zacher19 09-14-07  06:36 pm
Hydro TraxxL.A. Philip Osborn10-12-07  05:41 pm
Argo 6x6 Rear Seat Weight RestrictionDavid G. Calderone12 09-25-07  07:20 pm
Made a big mistakeEdward Mobley02-20-08  01:55 pm
Tracked machineBryan Jaedike10-13-07  10:15 am
Video - the Max got stuck in the iceJordon Taylor Sills03-24-08  11:49 am
Looking at getting an argoEdward Mobley03-29-08  09:18 pm
Argo avenger and Centaur price in US/CanadaEdward Mobley22 02-21-08  10:04 pm
Great deal in the Classified adsLance Sammer02-23-08  08:01 am
Why no MAX 8X8 ? L.A. Philip Osborn26 05-08-09  09:55 am
The "KID" 8-wheeler AATV Wendy L. Bowers03-15-08  04:53 am
Argo 6 or 8?Len Cater28 03-23-08  11:06 pm
Max II 6x6Eldon Carpenter03-27-08  04:26 pm
Horsepower questionEugene Kochnieff04-07-08  09:01 am
Ok, the test drive sealed it!Edward Mobley05-12-08  06:02 pm
Mountain Lion 6X6?????Ben Stroecker05-05-14  12:29 pm
Mudd OxGeorge"Bubba"Hunt112 09-30-10  10:07 pm
The Best MaxGeorge"Bubba"Hunt06-18-10  02:29 pm
Gama Goat 6x6 vs Argo 6x6Howard Hoover11-29-08  10:36 pm
Terrra Tiger parts for saleBryan Jaedike02-06-09  05:42 pm
Like them allBill Bellis03-06-09  12:57 pm
Scrambler for sale in Nashville TNBill Bellis03-08-09  08:10 pm
Anyone have a MAX 2 for saleRyan Singer03-13-09  11:34 am
Still looking for actual Mudd Ox ownerSam Keys11 04-14-09  07:54 pm
Thinking of selling my project ! Ryan Singer27 04-19-09  10:06 am
Terra Tiger folksshawn gohmann14 11-13-15  12:05 am
Good looking ATTEX for saleBrad Dunn04-06-09  04:32 pm
Argo'sJeff bar30 04-23-09  05:07 pm
MAX II for sale in GA L.A. Philip Osborn04-23-09  12:43 pm
Pluma For Sale IndianaJeff McBrayer04-27-09  12:51 pm
MAX IV for sale in Ohiorobert longfellow05-04-09  01:08 pm
Need a T steering shaft for a Terra Tigerjack hallsey05-03-09  01:10 pm
Check out these stupid wheels, tires on a Terra TigerJeff McBrayer08-03-09  09:50 am
Need Chevron tires for my ARGOJeff bar08-28-09  02:47 pm
Anyone want to know real deal on the MudOx machine??david sanders04-23-10  01:56 pm
Auction for aln old McKeeRichard Clark02-11-10  10:11 am
Passe Par ToutMIKE WRIGHT03-13-10  12:54 am
Travelling with a 6X6Jago Pickering05-27-11  06:06 am
Travelling with a 6X6Jago Pickering05-27-11  06:31 am
Function of Scissor Lift Table DBImpextrade02-11-13  12:32 am
Richard please do a new board for usJeff bar03-09-14  12:17 pm
Amphict owners ?Tim Startt43 08-15-17  05:44 pm
StarCraft ?Tim Startt08-05-17  11:02 am
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