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Max II machines since 1971 have been plagued by poor chain adjusters, they are of a good idea, ratchet sliders which move up and down with just a tap. However in the real world they slip to allow chains to get very loose which in turn but undue stress on the axle bearings, premature wear on the sprockets and allows the chain to rub holes in the lower body, these chain adjusters are the single bigest problem with the MAX II machine. Many people have lost interest in their MAX due to this single item.

The steps below is our answer to this problem, will fit all MAX II's since 1971

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Original MAX II chain adjuster removed from frame for purposes of showing problem areas.

Overall the adjuster looks pretty good, nylon chain slider surface good condition, as they usually are.

To show you the problem points we sandblasted the
adjuster to display the problem





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Upon close inspection note condition of some of
see yelow pointer.

The edges should all be sharp to catch the edges of the slider, which moves up and down, these edges "lock" together to hold adjuster in place.

When these edges are worn, the adjusters do not "lock" and therefore slip, allowing chain to get loose, then the bouncing of the loose chain, makes adjuster slip even more. The more times they slip, the more worn the edges become. What you end up with is a very loose chain, adjustes which will not hold and later a broken MAX

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This is our MAX II chain adjuster:

Note heavy steel construction. The nylon roller moves up and down the entire height of adjuster unit. The round white nylon roller is locked down in any vertical position by tightening the one bolt, only requires one wrench or socket to adjust, do not have to remove bolt to adjust just loosen and move roller assembly up and down.

The roller (see yellow pointer) rolls in any position in which the bolt is tight. This allows the chain to run smooth with proper 1/2 inch adjustment of free movement in chain.

Our adjusters carry a LIFETIME GUARANTEE never to slip, or we will replace them free. This applys to original purchaser of our MAX II adjuster set.

This is the first LIFETIME GUARANTEEon a 6x6 ATV

These adjusters are available at RICHARD'S RELICS

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Installation is very simple, Photos showns our adjuster installed in a MAX 2 ATV.

To remove orginal adjuster remove the four silver nuts and carrage bolts shown in this photo. Pull original adjuster out and throw away. Our repalcement adjusters bolt back on the MAX frame in original location using original 4 carrage bolts with nuts.

NOTE: You may have to bend the taps that stick out
of your frame up or down a bit, as there are differences from
machine to machine

Our adjuster rollers can be installed with chain going under the roller (as shown here) or the chain can go over the roller, what ever is better for you.

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A finsihed photo of the right front adjuster installed in a MAX II

The other three adjusters are installed exactly the same, the machine gives good access to all the adjusters, excpet the left rear, which is located under the engine.

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