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Vanguard Carburetor Cleaning
These engines are used in ARGO Vanguard, Response, Conquest, Bigfoot, MAX II, MAX IV, Attex and Hustler converted machine and many others too.

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Briggs & Stratton 14-18hp Vanguard Carburetor Cleaning

Is your engine surging or just running bad? This is a common problem due to todays poor gasolines that do not last very long durning storage. Dirt, Varnish and gum deposits on the jets, therefore plugging them up, causing poor running, the only solution is to clean the carb and jets and be sure to install a new fuel filter, consider using a fuel stablizer.

Below is a step by step "HOW-TO" to do this necessary job.

Machine shown is a MAX II with a 16hp VANGARD but steps are the same for any machine equipped with a 14-18hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard, this service can be done with engine installed in machine. ARGO are a bit harder due to smaller hood design.

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Always disconnect negetive battey cable before servicing your machine.

Remove air cleaner cover with the two side latches, then unscrew large thumb screw to remove air cleaner filter unit, set it aside for later reinstall.

Note: This is a good time to check condition of air cleaner filter and replace if dirty.

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Most machines are equipped with a fuel shut off switch, turn fuel off, or pinch rubber fuel line with small vise grips if your machine does not have a fuel shut off switch.

Shown is air filter base, yellow pointer shows the three or five bolts to remove to take air filter base off, set aside.

Note; Make sure you do not drop anything down in carb, also note location of black vent tube under silver bracket



Remove these 4 screws holding top of carb.

Note: unplugged vent tube, this tube MUST be left unplugged at all times.

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Lift top of carb upwards with care, not bending linkage

Remove linkage shown with yellow pointer. Set carb cover aside

Lift float assy upwards, taking care not to drop needle off.

Note: Float assy, just lifts up.
Note: Fuel in bowl

Remove fuel with rag, clean bottom of carb with carb cleaner

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Unscrew Mid range nozzle jet with small screwdriver, use care not to damage threads in carb.

Note: make sure you are working in correct jet hole!

Clean jet, care to clean all pasages including top:



Note: when jet is clean you can see through it lengthwise.

Bowl nut, used to acess high speed jet. Remove this nut.

Spray carb cleaner in this hole untill cleaner comes out of high speed jet,


Note: when spraying in this hole, cleaner should go through high speed jet and drip into fuel bowl in area where you removed bowl nut in step above.

Spray in hole where nozzle jet was removed, spray untill clean. repalce nozzle jet at this time.


Note: Spray Spray Spray, Clean Clean Clean

Spray cleaner through this hole into high speed jet side carb

Note: Look down into fuel bowl to make sure tip of carb cleaner tube is against high speed jet.


After cleaning jet, replace the bolt which allowed you to access the high speed jet

Reinstall float assy as shown, be sure to needle is correctly seated in seat.

Reinstall carb cover with 4 screws, making sure linkage works freely.

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Rubber hose from bottom of aircleaner base attaches at tube shown by yellow pointer

Note: nice view of above described linkage

Air cleaner base vent tube (see yellow pointer) attaches to tube as pointed out in above step.

View of above air cleaner assy's rubber tube installed correctly
Install the 3 or 5 bolts with bracket attaching air cleaner base to carb, then install air cleaner filter using thumb screw

Note rubber vent tube under silver bracket and rubber L shapped vent coming up from blower housing.
Install air cleaner cover
Turn fuel on.

Note: An excellent time to install a new fuel filter, if you carb was very dirty, you should remove the fuel tank and clean it out. This is a basic carb cleaning not to be confused with a carb removal and professional overhaul cleaning.

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Replacement parts available at RICHARD'S RELICS