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Prevent cables from freezing up, lube them too!

One large issue with most All Terrain Vehicles, is freezing up of control cables. Some cables on
Max, Attex, Hustler, Amphicat and many others are 9 foot long, which only makes the freezing problem worse. This kit let you power flush, water mud, grime out of your cables, therefore making them move easier. When used on new cables the lube will extend the cables life, and make it slide easier.

Can be used on most motorcycle, snowmobile and most any other cable around your shop.

These kits are very inexpensive and replacement spray lube cans are available.

We have these kits and replacement cans of lube available at Richard's Relics, click HERE

Cables have been used in tens of thousands of Max, Hustler, Attex, Swamp Fox, Camel, Sears and many other Amphibious All Terrain Vehicles, as well as a few commerical vehicles.

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Power luber instructions









Always disconnect negetive battey cable before servicing your machine.

Attach the clamp device as shown.


Note: Cables do not have to be removed from machine, just one end. On throttle cable, it is usually easier to remove engine end of the cable.

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Tighten the two screw knobs down to prevent major leaks

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Install red spray tube into device, hold rag around device as it will leak a bit, spray untill clean lube comes out other end of the cable.

Reinstall cable and you are done!

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What's in the kit

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