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T-20: Checking level of ATF fluid

The T-20 transmission designed by Borg-Warner, now sold by Skid Steer Corp, Produced in Buffalo New Youk and in Jonesboro Arkansas. has been in production for 40 years, it is a fine piece of modern workmanship. While as there are many differences in them. The procedure for checking the oil remains the same.


To change the oil, one must pump the oil out through the level plug or remove trans and roll the trans untill oil has been removed, the dry trans holds 32oz of ATF Dextron III or IV

Late model trans require 28 oz of same ATF with 4oz of GM Limited Slip Fluid, rear end additive, which can be purchased at most auto parts stores, just tell them you have a Corvette and need the rear end additive, it is sold under many trade brand names.

NOTE: Do not just install 32oz of fluid as most likely you will not get all the oil fluid out.

Therefore follow the procedure posted below:

These T-20's have been used in tens of thousands of Max, Hustler, Attex, Swamp Fox, Camel, Sears and many other Amphibious All Terrain Vehicles, as well as a few commerical vehicles.

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Checking oil level in a T-20

Always disconnect negetive battey cable before servicing your machine.

T-20 Skid Steer shown removed for a clear view, but this job can be done with T-20 installed in machine

Note: The two plugs shown by red pointers, top one is fill plug, lower one is the full level plug. There is no drain plug.

Remove both these plugs:

Note the top plug has a vent in it.

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Pour fluids into top hole using a funnel untill the fluid starts to run out bottom plug hole.

When fluid starts to run out bottom hole, trans is full.

Note: Keep your T-20 level when filling, do not overfill.

Close up of the vented plug, which goes in top hole.

Reinstall the top and bottom plugs and you are done!

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