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T-20: Shifter removal and inspection

The T-20 transmission designed by Borg-Warner, now sold by Skid Steer Corp, Produced in Buffalo New Youk and in Jonesboro Arkansas. has been in production for 40 years, it is a fine piece of modern workmanship. While as there are many differences in them. The procedure for checking and removal of the shifters remain the same


If you machine does not "shift" between forward and reverse, you may have broken your shift pin.

When this "pin" is worn to a D shape or breaks off, you will have no shifting! Pin must be round!

Therefore follow the procedure posted below:

These T-20's have been used in tens of thousands of Max, Hustler, Attex, Swamp Fox, Camel, Sears and many other Amphibious All Terrain Vehicles, as well as a few commerical vehicles.

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Shifter removal in a T-20


Always disconnect negetive battey cable before servicing your machine.

T-20 Skid Steer shown removed for a clear view, but this job can be done with T-20 installed in machine

Shifter is the Diamond shaped moving plate:

When diamond is forward, the T-20 is in forward
When diamond is in position shown, the T-20 is in neutral
When diamond is rearward, the T-20 is in reverse

Note: Metal plate holding the diamond shifer down

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Remove metal "hold down" plate by removing the bolts attaching it to the T-20 case



After removing bolts, lift metal "hold down" away

Note: The plates and diamond shifters must be installed on the side in which they were removed.

There are right side, shifters and "hold downs"

There are left side, shifters and "hold downs"

Do not mix them up


Shifters will lift out of the case, some will require prying with a lever as they do get "stuck" with dirt, rust and age.


Shown is round pin on bottom of removed shifter.

NOTE: This pin must be round, not D shapped or broken off.

If yours is broken off or D shapped, you must replace it.

We do keep these and all other T-20 parts in stock:

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Installation is a reverse, of above descriptions but:

NOTE: when installing shifter back in T-20 case, you must make sure the pin on bottom of shifter is installed and must be riding in the grove shown by the red pointer:

Pin MUST be installed in grove or T-20 will not shift

Make sure you install the right shifer on the right side and the left one one the left side. If you get them mixed up. The shifters are installed as to the fact the shifter pins are nearest the front of the machine.


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