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Repairing worn bolt holes in sprocket sleeves

The sprockets are attached to axles in many Max II, Max IV, Attex, Hustler , Terra Tiger, Swamp Fox, Camel and most other 6x6 machines by means of a bolt through the sprocket sleeve into and through the axle. With time and wear, these holes in the sprockets will become out of round, this is due to play in this joint between thhe bolt and hold in sprocket. We have developed these inexpensive weld on " CUP WASHERS" which when installed correctly will save hundreds of dollars of new sprocket expense.

An added feature of these "CUP WASHERS" is that it gives more thickness in that joint area of bolt to sprocket contact point. Also gives a nice flat surface for the head of nut and bolt to tighten down upon, instead of a round surface.

We offer these "CUP WASHERS" at Richard's Relices Click HERE for the link.

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Repairing worn sprocket bolt holes


Always disconnect negetive battey cable before servicing your machine.

Are bolt holes in your sprockets worn like this? Or worse?

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Using a grinder, grind the surface of the bolt hole back to a nice rounded edge.


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Grinding done!




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Lay out of cup washers and your new nut and bolt.

Note: bolt will need to be about 1 inch longer than original.

See how curve on CUP WASHER will fit sprocket sleeve

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Install new bolt, cup washers through sprocket and axles.

Note: This completed step is very important so all items will be in alignment before welding

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Weld CUP WASHERS on to sprocket, weld both sides of CUP WASHERS

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Welding complete


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Finshed job, you just saved hundreds on new sprockets and your sprocket is now better and stronger than new.

We offer these CUP WASHERS ar Richard's Relics. click on link HERE

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