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Route 6x6 Discussion Board * Lets Build the Dream ATV: Tips and Tricks on How to Build the Ultimate ATV.  

Welcome to Let's Build the Dream ATV. For trading tips and tricks on building the Ultimate ATV! You may enter any of the discussions above by clicking on the appropriate link. Or, to start a new discussion of your own, click on the "Create New Conversation" button.

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MAx II With a 440 2stroke engineMike Cummings13 03-30-07  09:39 am
Edge companys plans for a homemade 6x6CODY JOHNSTON20 01-14-07  01:58 pm
Max ll real big footAnonymous11-19-05  07:58 pm
Dream AATV has already been built.Tom Pike02-23-05  10:53 pm
Plans , Blueprints , Drawings , Info for home built ATV 6x6 or 8x8Richard Lee Lanier06-01-12  01:32 pm
Looking for other Land Tamer ownersSmokey 2 Cycle02-23-05  10:53 pm
THE ONE MAN ATAV!BILLY02-23-05  10:53 pm
Hydraulic how-to booksJim12 08-08-10  10:06 pm
CTVskcus-hcenrf11 02-23-05  10:53 pm
Locating, inspecting, and restoringpeter gruessing02-23-05  10:53 pm
What if.......Rick Cushman02-23-05  10:53 pm
Max II gearingjim wolcott02-23-05  10:53 pm
What componenents to choose for building your own ATVAl Csere27 02-23-05  10:53 pm
MAX IV REAL BIG FOOT ( UPGRATING THE T900!!!)lilchief02-23-05  10:53 pm
Electric ArgoLee Henson02-23-05  10:53 pm
Smallest possible size for an amphibious 6x6?L. A. Philip Osborn02-23-05  10:53 pm
Blow it our your...peter smith10 02-23-05  10:53 pm
Dual Differential DriveJim Davis13 02-23-05  10:53 pm
Roll cage for max IVCharles Jenkinson01-06-09  04:02 am
Box hitch for maxArgohunter02-23-05  10:53 pm
BOMBARDIER BOMBISouth Africa Package36 06-28-19  05:29 am
Air motor powered ATV!!!???E L McKenney02-23-05  10:53 pm
Who has the template for a max four canvas?MAXIMUS02-23-05  10:53 pm
Any alternative sources of Tracks for Max?Fred Sowerwine, Mont02-23-05  10:53 pm
Any Non-Skid Steer ATVs have similar land capabilities as 6x6?Bubba Hunt02-23-05  10:53 pm
Frankenstien???Oliver02-23-05  10:53 pm
Hydraulic volume1MudbugMan02-23-05  10:53 pm
Trolling motor idea1MudbugMan02-23-05  10:53 pm
Best replacement tires? - Specific Tirerogersmith02-23-05  10:53 pm
T-20 transmission L.A. Philip Osborn01-17-10  12:57 pm
Building a track laying vehiclejim stefanowicz22 12-24-05  02:11 pm
Cab heatersTed02-23-05  10:53 pm
Engine placementwally altom14 03-26-05  07:47 pm
Transmission neededroadwolf02-23-05  10:53 pm
Who makes hydrostatic stuffBubba Hunt47 02-23-05  10:53 pm
Differentials rather than chains.Douglas MacCullagh02-23-05  10:53 pm
Tooling, molds, etc. for vintage models?Craig Bramscher02-23-05  10:53 pm
How big is the 6x6 market?Marc Stobinski02-23-05  10:53 pm
10 X 10 AATVEugene Kochnieff02-23-05  10:53 pm
4ws - 4wd - Hydrostatic?Troy Burns03-03-06  03:46 pm
What engine is best for AATVHoward Hoover44 01-23-06  10:59 am
A decent looking roll cage for a Max IV?David Keeso02-23-05  10:53 pm
Hilla-Go-Hikebruce02-23-05  10:53 pm
Hydraulic Pumps & Motors for AATV'sjames vick08-15-05  09:24 pm
How much should I pay for a basket case?hitecredneck02-23-05  10:53 pm
Ultimate ATVTroy Balduc11 03-18-05  11:59 pm
6x6 plansCODY JOHNSTON03-21-07  01:26 pm
TransmissionsHoward Hoover02-23-05  10:53 pm
Mechanix Illustrated Mag. PlansCODY JOHNSTON10 01-16-07  05:56 pm
I want info on attex big foot . i want to build an aatv like a land...shane forsythe austr02-23-05  10:53 pm
The Power Trac LineTracksterman02-23-05  10:53 pm
Building by a newbieHoward Hoover02-23-05  10:53 pm
Double beadlock wheels?terry harrison23 02-23-05  10:53 pm
Started the "t-20 split" project yesterdayTH353 04-22-07  03:59 pm
Max IV oil filter modDavid Seidel02-23-05  10:53 pm
Split shifter max II picsterry harrison02-23-05  10:53 pm
DARPA Grand Challenge RaceBarry Williams02-23-05  10:53 pm
Tires, which ones have you tried & how did they perform?Jerry R. Nuss10 05-05-05  03:01 pm
Amphibious bodiesMotown's02-23-05  10:53 pm
Battery upgradeterry harrison03-10-05  09:03 pm
Help me find some replacement tires cheap!!!!!!Ernest Weant02-23-05  10:53 pm
New guy with questionsBud02-23-05  10:53 pm
Jlo 444cc engineDavid Frederick02-23-05  10:53 pm
Upgrading the Motor in an Argo?Greg Lawrence02-23-05  10:54 pm
Patent Websiteliflod02-23-05  10:54 pm
Electric powered 6X6oldnatva10 02-23-05  10:54 pm
Bent axleJake Russell02-15-09  04:43 pm
ARGO, 6X6 in General (SLOOOOW)david berger01-23-05  05:13 pm
Modifications and Customizations for HuntingFredryck T. Macko05-11-05  08:40 am
Building something aliketerry harrison07-24-05  11:07 pm
Two enginesDennis F. Saskowski08-08-05  01:12 pm
How to build a ATV/barge?james vick22 05-26-06  09:53 pm
What the ___ is that ?liflod09-06-05  09:02 pm
Making the t20 better?terry harrison10-18-05  06:21 pm
1000cc 6x6Frazer RM Ross10-27-05  02:25 pm
Max 2 on CNNjim stefanowicz11-08-05  12:58 am
Home design for an 8X8 ATVFrazer RM Ross02-10-06  01:04 pm
Buffalo dump bodyBob Shelver01-22-06  10:49 am
Picking just the right AmphibSkip Saul11-01-06  02:11 am
AIR MOTORSMarc Stobinski10-26-06  10:56 pm
Frontier tiresChuck McGhee11-22-06  12:16 pm
Max IV tub and Argo tracksMissouri's Max and A01-17-07  07:36 pm
Rifle/shotgun transportation on MAX IVTH308-05-07  10:28 pm
I have an idea on how to build 6x6 or 8x8 or 10x10Anonymous01-21-07  08:33 pm
Max II with 24" Argo tires! Pics&videos!Edward Mobley43 08-24-08  01:44 am
6x6,8x8,or 10x10 suspension ideaCODY JOHNSTON04-16-07  06:32 pm
Hagglunds bv206 atvCODY JOHNSTON05-23-07  12:22 am
AATV unrelatedjamie zacher09-02-07  11:02 am
EXTREME MACHINE 2000jamie zacher09-05-07  06:05 pm
Argo engine replacement. Craig Buchanan10-17-07  08:24 pm
Tires, what makes the machineJohn Schwab12 12-21-07  01:56 pm
Which engine is the best?Edward Mobley05-06-08  10:23 am
Build a new Terra TigerRyan Singer04-20-09  09:15 am
When is the new board comingTimothy Schotanus08-12-09  08:18 pm
Frontier report cardtom bo smith11-28-09  08:17 am
Any more news on these great machines?Dave Evans02-06-10  10:31 am
35hp B&S Vanguard in Argo 650 6x6Curtis Baldwin01-11-13  11:25 am
Frontier turning problemjoe sherer08-01-15  08:39 pm
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