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Route 6x6 Discussion Board
Expand/Collapse TopicHomebuilt, Custom AATV's and Trailers
Home built
Why aren't there are more posts on home built machines
Hydraulic COOT Concersion
Hydrostatic tractors
Bushwacker (scratch built) AATV Prototype Testing
Engine location
Video Cameras Surveilance Equipment
Watch Discovery Channel?
4x4 AATV Survey
Tetrearch Tank from Argo 8x8
Hydro Static 6x6
Whats a used 8x8 under cariage worth?
Need aatv plans
Home built amphibious trailer
Dual thust trolling motors for 8 wheeler
Building your own soft top on an Argo Bigfoot
Amphibious trailer help
Argo 8 wheeler
New Max IV owner
Bigfoot collecting dust
Metal Body
All Time Low??
26" dual tires with tracks?!?!
Skid steering off a regular car diff?
Tall tires on tracks
Upgrading Motor on Argo
Variable speed Torque converter
Marauder 6X6
Buffalo rebuild need help
New OWNER with ques
Forgot URL of amphibious making manual
Uk new guy
Adaptive Argo
What is this?
Better motor
Help trying to get MI Maurader Plans (Mechanix Illustrate...
Looking for info on MAX running gear for a project
What AATV you working on ?
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Expand/Collapse TopicLets Build the Dream ATV: Tips and Tricks on How to Build...
Expand/Collapse TopicMy Favorite Machine: Talk about you favorite ATV and Why.
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