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MaxRules (Brandon_price)

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Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2005 - 10:51 pm:   

Hello Syff_uf. Giving my opinion is what I do best!
My favorite machine is the Max IV 25hp with 26" tires but each of the others have advantages. The best part about the Terra Jet is that it can have the tires pointed forward for best mud traction and go 6mph in water. It is easy to drive in water both forward and backward. You can make a wide turn in water by just turning the wheel or you can spin it in place by turning the wheel and leaning to that side. The ability to turn the front wheels side to side is also helps it in the mud. If you think you are stuck just turn the steering wheel back and forth real fast and those front wheels will find traction. It goes 45mph on land in high gear because it is really high geared. Low gear will pull anything but it too is really low geared. Almost too extreme on gearing I think. ANY hill requires the use of low gear and you can't go faster than 5mph. It has room for three people but leg room is limited. Not much cargo space without some type of rack built over the rear engine compartment.
The Max II is a great all around machine. You have some cargo space (even more with the cargo rack, standard on 2000 models) and plenty of space for two people. I have rode mine for 5+ hours strait with a passenger and still not feel tired or uncomfortable. It is great in the mud with an experienced driver. It is fastest in water with the 21" Rawhide tires at 5mph. Land speed is good with the 18hp at around 33mph.
The Max IV 900-T is the best 6x6 in every way I have ever compared it. It has a huge 725cc Kohler which gives it more speed and power than any other Max or Argo. It goes around 35mph on land and does an easy 6-7mph in water. It will float with four people. The big 26" tires give it the great water speed, mud traction, and 10" of ground clearance down the center. The 2000 IVs have a greatly improved back seat. An adult can easily sit in the back without his knees dug into the front seat. The engine compartment is completely covered and has a small cargo area. You could have room for two people and use the large back seat area for cargo. The new square headlights are much brighter than the older round style. The 900-T comes standard with solid axles and o-ring chain. It just doesn't get any better does it! It might be better with a suspension seat... but you'll have to wait until next year for that.