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David Keeso (Argomag)

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Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2005 - 10:52 pm:   

Fred, not to start anything here but having lots of people in the ARGO has not yet stopped me from getting through rough terrain. Last month I had to take 6 people in the argo(myself included in that 6) through a flooded swamp to get to the back of the property to show the area, the main road was closed off (road was blasted out to remove all the rock underneath to make way for a new road that was going in) this trail was the only other way in and the people I took up had to see the property then as they were returning to Calgary. I had doubts about getting through the swamp as I had never been through there or had any idea of what was in the swamp. The argo went through easily with all of us in the machine and even with an 18 hp engine and bald tires, I never had a problem getting through. On the way back out to the open part of the road where the car was, we decided to play around a bit as the people were amazed with the ARGO and wanted to see what else it could do, so we did some steep climbing, log crossing, swimming, and more mud. The only time I had a problem here was when I accidently let off the throttle going up a muddy bank and the argo started to slip a bit but with a bit of fast and careful thought, I got it up all the way before anyone realized that we could have ended up backing all the way down the bank and try again. These machines were ment to carry large loads while still able to traverse these various terrain. so yes I have gone over rough, sticky, wet, mucky, you name it and with lots of people in the machine on many different occasions.
I also tested the ARGO out a couple years ago in water with 6 people - in very very shallow water I might add but enough so that the wheeles weren't touching the bottom and their was about a foot of clearance from the bottom of the front wheeles to the silty bottom, and while I thought we would tip several times, it just bounced back and kept going.