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Big Wolf

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Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2005 - 10:52 pm:   

Hey Shane,

Back in my younger days I bought a pair of roller blades to skate around with the wife and kids for exercise and so on. Any way, if you can still find a pair of roller blades that do allow the front and rear wheels to be adjusted up and down, you can try them and experiment with how they handle to get an even better idea of handling and agility. What the adjustable wheels do is allow you to set up the skates for different applications, for instance to play street hockey, they raise both the front and rear wheels for more agility and quicker movement response, and also reduce the amount of drag on the ground. Now if you were to just skate straight lines like ona a track, you can just raise the front wheels only, which reduces the drag and friction on the front, and also allows you handle little bumps and cracks in the road better. In the case of speed skating on a very good track you would lower all the wheels down, to take advantage of the high speed bearings to take advantage of the added smooth coasting between strides.

I realize that this discussion note is not completely relative to the Avenger discussion, however, some of the same theory does apply though.

When you talk about lifting the front and or rear wheels up off the ground, we are talking only small amount of clearance, but not enough to cause a major imbalance or rocking, just enough to clear and reduce the amount of drag for doing turns and so on. I am not sure about the amount of wheel lift needed for off road applications.

If ODG tested the new avenger for a period of a couple of years, and did look closely at some of the tracked vehicle available out there, then hopefully they found the ideal set up for off road use.

This is a very interesting modification that they have come up with, it will be interesting to find out just how well it will work out. I would definately have to go visit our local Argo guy up here, and test drive one of these machines at some point in time.