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Mark Cooper

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Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2005 - 10:42 pm:   

For those faithful readers which read my lengthy email on March 26. Today, March 31, I finished the rebuild. I drove the Argo after all my hard work and the parts which I ordered through Yuba City, Ca, an Argo dealership. Let me say up front, that the dealership, charge me full price for a Brake Kit which was missing parts and those parts were important. I know now everything about the Argo have torn down to the frame. I rebuilt everything, I installed the brakes three times and it is good I did. By doing so I learned everything about them. Since an Argo steers and brakes with the same mechanism, the parts missing from the Argo Brake kit were exactly those parts related to the Argo brake system which had previously worn out. I have had to make due, but for those of you which know the Argo, there is essentially two adjustments for the brake pads moving in and out via the operator using the levers. There is the course adjustments which consists of the forward tension which is applied from the lever being pulled back by the operator and the cam element twisting over two ball bearings which in turns flexes the brake pads closer to the Brake disc. Then there is the fine adjustment which is done just next to the lever, by a screw being tighten to lessen the movement of the lever in relationship to making the clamping of the pads take place against the brake disc. These fine adjustment screw, bolts and linkage is what the Argo dealer in Yuma City, Ca shorted me. Those same elements are worn out on my unit. The dealer which incidently told me that he would not have paid more than $1400 for the unit I paid $2700, is the same dealer which shorted my parts from my paid in full brake kit. This dealer's name is Tom, his idea is that knowing the Argo, from the mechanical side, how to fix, how to keep them running and how to instruct the owners, is not a priority. In fact, his quote to me was "The best selling dealership has less than four hours driving an Argo! You dont need to know an Argo to sell them!"
Well, where I come from people are alot smarter than that. They want to know that the person selling them the equipment is an expert, knows the equipment and can fix at a minimum 85% of all problems. I can now but the jury is still out as to Argo, the product and the quality long term.
So far the unit is holding up after ten years, who ever had this Argo, treated it as a toy and did little maintenance.
I will tomorrow find out on my land, 120 acres of Arizona land, if this Argo is great or just So So.
One last item, I have what would be considered Rawhide tires. I was told that these tire would cause problems. I inflated them all the same today and from the initial exercise they worked well. I need tires to perform in and on rock. The Run A Muck tires look to wimpy. I have little water if any, I need tough tires and good strong tread. I will give more information tomorrow night after a day at the Arizona off road. If the Argo can be adapted for Arizona then Argo can conquer an new territory. We will see!