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Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2005 - 10:42 pm:   

Everyone who has Argo operation experience. I just purchased a 1993 Argo, verified it with Argo as a 1993. It has a 16hp Vangaurd engine which I just sent to Briggs&Stratton service because I thought it had a blown head gasket, I was wrong. It had a bent valve stem. So I had them replace it, do a normal service job, $147 well spent. While I had the time and the opportunity, I torn down to the frame this Argo. Yep, at this moment, the transmission is on my garage floor, seperated from the frame mount with holds the transmission, the engine and the braking/steering system. I took all the chains off, cleaning them, soaking them and then will reaply some chain lube for 24 hours. I will order from Argo the braking/steering system kit.

My question is about my transmission, when I first got it, while it was running, as I would change into the different gears, a little grinding sound would occur. Since, I have become more and more educated with the adjustment procedure(s) which Argo publish, I recognized that the idlers were way out of adjustment, like 9 mm in stead of 3mm. This item would mean that the angle for the transmission was too high, tilted and could have contributed to improper drive tension between the drive Cam and the Power Cam. If the transmission is not leaking, what other signs could be inspected or created to determine if internal damage exist?
2) The previous owner obviously had the chain in standing water, the chains show surface rust. I have removed all chains, sprayed a penatrating lubricate and cleaner. After wire brushing them I plan on using a 24 hours chain specific lubricate, is that as good as I can do beside purchasing all new chains?
3) I found that one side of each set of brake pads were badly worn, Richard Clark, of this website has described that most Argo users do not adjust the braking/steering system correctly and this will cause the brake pads, the steering and the braking to just get worse over time. I feel if this is the fact then Argo must share some of the responsibility for not providing better owner training in the maintaining, the adjustments and the long term owner's responsibility.
So far I have not heard, seen or witnessed anyone who can tell me that they have been instructed by Argo in anything.
Argo the company, just assumes for everyone to be master mechanics, to just inherit this nature ability to acquire the skills to maintain our Argo. I personally want to have Argo address this issue and make nation wide, close to owner's major cities, training for the major maintenance and adjustments which are important to keeping an Argo in good working order.
While, I know, that many owner's reserve the right to just use and abuse their Argo as toy, do not want to maintain them and just want to run them into the ground, for those of you, that is your right! I wish all of you that freedom.
As for me I prefer to be the type of owner which knows ultimately this is a mechanical machine, which "Requires" "Preventative Maintenance" scheduled and recorded.
I hope those of you who wear your machines out, tear them down to the point that they do not run, can not be sold running will give me a call, so I can purchase them for $1500-$2000. Argo's make good restoration projects for those of us who are willing to get dirty, turn many tools and take the necessary steps to bring them back from "Abuse!"
I would like to start (NAOA) National Argo Owner's ASSociation, with the power of unity, we can get more attention from Argo as a company!
Please feel free to contact me at or write to me at
Mark G Cooper
1712 E Francisco Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85042 or call me