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Kevin Percy

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Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2005 - 10:42 pm:   

The "cc" of an engine is the displacement of the engine, some people use it to judge "how big" the engine is , others compare Horse Power. As previously mentioned displacement does not always give an indication of power ouput ie., HP. A smaller cc engine can develop as much or more HP than a larger cc engine, depending on how they are designed. Besides looking at HP you have also to look at where the engine develops that power, and if it suits your driving style. Usually (now correct me if I am wrong here anybody) a 2 stroke makes its power at higher RPM than a 4 stroke, so if you want to pull moose out of the bush every fall, a 20hp 2 -stroke that needs to rev near full throttle to make its power might not be as good for you as a 16 hp 4-stroke that makes its peak hp at half throttle.

BTW if my memory is correct my high school Auto Class defined displacement as "the difference in the volume of the cylinder(s) of an engine between when the piston is at bottom dead center, and top dead center" - or - if you put the piston at the bottom of its stroke and filled the cylinder with liquid, and then moved the piston to the top of its stroke, how much liquid would spill out, usually measured in Cubic Centimeters, Liters, or Cubic Inches.

Just my $0.02, differing opinions welcomed.