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What has ROUTE6x6 been up to?

We have been involved with two projects.

1st Project: Been working on our conversion kits to redesign the MAX IV


Sorry to say while the project machines worked well
the kit was just too expensive to produce and sell.

Can you spot the differences in this MAX IV machine?


Click on these photo sets for details




Please contact Richards Relics of you want to learn more about this project
812-944-1643 8am-6pm weekdays

2nd project: Will be announced soon.





-----News about AATV tires-----

Goodyear Rubber Co USA discontinued all Rawhide and Runamuck tires 6/08
Leaving only Carlisle USA making floatation tires.

Keep in mind the Goodyear Rawhide is the same tire as the 21" Carlisle Powertrac II
And the Goodyear Runamuck is almost same tire as the Carlisle Chevron

Therefore we still had a supply of excellent tires but.........

As of July 2009 Carlisle has discontinued the CHEVRON and POWERTRAC II floatation tires.

However they have introduced a new tire, the AT101 as a replacement for the Powertrac II tire. Howerever it is smaller when mounted even though it states it's the same size 21x11x8"
and on top of it all the new tire is more expensive.

But the worst news is the CHEVRON is gone.........out of production
Argo, Attex, Amphicat, Terra Tiger, Scramblers owners are going to be in trouble

We do have some new inventory of the CHEVRON and POWERTRAC II tires
but our inventory will not last long.

Click HERE to go to our parts web page about tires



Some of these articles are very hard to read, but I scanned them the best I could:

Copy Cat

thanks to the assistance of Joerg Stieber (Director Argo) and Mr Jia (Director XiBei) in providing the information.


Check back often for new additions.

I f have a cool article about ATV's please e-mail brief information:www.route6x6

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